Wheely Membership rewards loyal passengers with global access to refined privileges crafted for exquisite comfort and convenience. Membership is currently limited to those who have taken 15 journeys over the past six months, or who have been invited by another member.
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Become a Wheely Member

Wheely membership rewards loyal passengers with exclusive privileges. Complete 15 journeys to begin.
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Questions & Answers

How can I access membership?
To become a member, you can either apply an invitation received from an existing member or by completing at least 15 journeys within 6 months.
How can I share my membership privileges?
New members receive three invitations to share with trusted contacts. Every invitation sent to someone who has never experienced Wheely before comes with a complimentary journey. Once each recipient completes their first journey, we will also credit the first member’s account with a complimentary journey of their own (up to a total of three journeys).
How can I apply a membership invitation?
To redeem your invitation, follow the link shared by your contact or enter the invitation code manually in the membership section of the app (Membership → Become a Member). The invitation can only be applied if you are not an active or expired member.