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Select patrons may use Wheely’s chauffeurs as assistants to handle diverse errands and free up precious time. As a special service for our most loyal passengers, Wheely chauffeurs can fetch your belongings, handle your shopping, and make personal deliveries in appropriate style.

Save your focus and time for what matters. Let a trusted Wheely chauffeur handle tasks on your behalf with the utmost care and attention. This exclusive service is available both on demand and for any pre-scheduled time — directly through the Wheely app.

White-glove service

We built this service for errands where trust, taste, and touch matter—whether that’s picking up the perfect wine pairing for dinner, couriering sensitive documents, or hand-delivering a surprise gift. Your chauffeur can also wait in queues for coveted items that can’t be reserved.

Direct, private communication

Add detailed notes, choose between options, and collaborate on personalisation touches directly with your chauffeur—all inside the Wheely app. The chat window won’t reveal your phone number, and will only close upon the errand’s completion.

Employee-like attitude

Even if a store is unexpectedly closed, an item is out of stock, or a delivery recipient is unavailable, your Wheely chauffeur — like any good personal assistant — will thoughtfully communicate with you and find a way to see the task through.

Book your Concierge in the Wheely app

Be in two places at once. Loyal patrons may use chauffeurs as assistants to handle diverse errands.