Introducing the new Wheely Visual Identity

8 Jun 2023Press-release

Wheely believes time is the most valuable asset. It’s been a cornerstone of unparalleled service and served as a source of inspiration for its new look.

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Both tradition and cutting-edge technology have been at the heart of Wheely ever since its concept was born in Zurich in 2010 to, later on, bring an intuitive on-demand digital experience to the heritage service of chauffeuring via its app. Since then it’s served clients in major cities such as London, Paris, and Dubai.

Now, to truly showcase our unwavering commitment to luxury embodiment, Wheely is proud to unveil a new visual identity that’s built entirely around these traits of distinctiveness and timelessness, also marked by recent launches of exclusive services such as Chauffeur for a Day or Concierge.

The brand refresh marks an important milestone for Wheely, which recently reached its 10th anniversary. It was created by the celebrated London-based design agency Commission which worked in close collaboration with key members of the Wheely team.

The ambition for the identity — which includes a newly developed Wheely logo, monogram, new font, colour scheme, and visual language — was to create an experience that reflects Wheely’s core values of discretion, trust, and modern tradition. For the logo, Wheely selected a circular shape reminiscent of a wax seal of excellence that also includes a reference to its core offering of movement, signalled with a visual nod to wheels and gears. The colour palette uses Sandstone as its foundation, a hue that’s similar to both the tan leather of vehicle interiors and also the fine grains of sand found in antique hourglasses.


A separate icon created just for Wheely’s chauffeurs and their app focuses on the crown “W” found at the top of the new brand logo. Since Wheely’s brand experience extends far beyond its digital space, tailored new chauffeur’s symbols have been meticulously crafted to properly showcase the refined style and distinguished expertise delivered by Wheely’s esteemed chauffeurs. To earn the privilege of wearing the attire and become a Wheely chauffeur, all chauffeurs are required to complete rigorous training at the Wheely Chauffeur Academy.

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“This rebrand is an exciting milestone for Wheely as we continue to expand our luxurious services and uphold our commitment to giving our clients back their time,” said Anton Chirkunov, Wheely CEO. “Our new visual identity fully reflects our core values and elevates the sophistication and exclusivity of our service.”

Wheely Design Director Pavel Bocharov adds, “The new identity embodies the timeless and immediate, blending tradition with technology. Wheely thrives on their synergy. The application showcases minimalism and functionality, while suits proudly display traditional symbols of professionalism. On the one hand, the contemporary neo-grotesque as the main font. On the other, a seal wax as a round traditional logo, cut from a custom slab-serif typeface. Sandstone, the primary hue, nods to both the hourglasses of the past and the silicon-driven modern world”.

Wheely’s new visual identity is set to coincide with a broader initiative by the company, which is poised to expand into even more new markets and court the most discerning travellers across the globe.


ANNE D'AMBROSIO, Global Communications Director