How does Wheely Concierge work?

What is Wheely Concierge?

Wheely Concierge is a feature designed to help make life run as smoothly as possible. It allows you to request a reliable and trusted Wheely chauffeur to take care of everyday errands.

Can anyone use Wheely Concierge?

Wheely Concierge is only available to passengers who have made 15 journeys or more with Wheely.

How do I use the feature?

Once you have access to the service, simply open your app, select the Concierge tariff, and leave relevant instructions by clicking on the ‘Add a comment’ icon.

How do Wheely Concierge fares compare to other tariffs?

Basic fares are charged at the same rate as Business class.

What kind of errands does Wheely Concierge handle?

Wheely Concierge can take care of almost any and every kind of everyday task. Fetch a laptop from the office, pick up a prescription from the pharmacist, collect a meal from your favourite restaurant, transport your pet to the vet, or buy and deliver a present to a loved one.

Are there any restrictions for deliveries?

  • The maximum weight of any package is 20 kg unless agreed otherwise with your chauffeur.

  • The maximum value of any item should not exceed £350.

  • Wheely Concierge cannot transport any items that are subject to legal restrictions such as weapons and flammable or poisonous objects.

Can I ask Wheely Concierge to make a purchase on my behalf?

Wheely Concierge can make purchases of up to £350. This limit is set for security reasons.

How do I pay for a purchase?

The cost of any purchases will be added to the final fare together with a 3% commission to cover bank transactions. All purchases will be itemised in your receipt, with payment taken from the card linked to your account as usual.

What is your policy on the purchase of age-restricted items?

Wheely Chauffeurs can purchase and deliver age-restricted items on your behalf, but in line with the Challenge-25 initiative, you may be asked to present a valid photo ID to confirm your age.