Airport transfers and automatic flight tracking

Wheely offers fixed-fare transfers to and from all airports. You can find out the exact fare for each class level on the Cities and Fares page or by scheduling a transfer in your app.

How do I book a transfer?

You can request a transfer from the airport on demand when you land. Or book in advance to make sure your chauffeur is waiting for you in Arrivals.

To book an advance transfer from the airport, tap Airport pickup on the home screen. Then simply enter the flight number and departure date. Any changes in your flight will be tracked automatically.

What is automatic flight tracking?

Automatic flight tracking keeps your chauffeur up to date with any changes to your flight. So you will be met on time whether you land on, behind, or even ahead of schedule.

What to do if I haven’t found the flight number but the flight exists?

Flight tracking usually covers all major airlines and regular flights, but not some charter and business flights. If the app can’t find your flight, simply enter the airport, terminal, and pickup time. You can also add the flight number in the comments, which your chauffeur will track manually to meet you on time.

Can my chauffeur meet me in Arrivals with a name-board?

If you would like your chauffeur to meet you in Arrivals, simply check the Meet and Greet option and specify the name you would like to see on the name-board.

If you do not select the Meet and Greet option, your chauffeur will call after landing to arrange a meeting point.

How long will my chauffeur wait?

All transfers both to and from the airport include one hour of complimentary waiting time. On the way to the airport, this starts from the pickup time. On the way back, it starts once the flight has landed. So if there are any delays at baggage reclaim or queues at border control, don’t feel the need to rush.

Please note

In London, fixed fares are calculated from the borough you are travelling to or from. In addition, paid parking and tolls will be added to your final fare.